Beef Mince (500 Gm)



Beef Mince
Beef Mince

Beef Mince. 100% Halal Cut. Free From Antibiotics. Free from preservatives.
High-Quality Protein Source: Our beef mince in Bangalore is made from premium quality meat, providing a rich source of protein to support muscle growth and repair.

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Beef Mince
Beef Mince in Bangalore

Beef mince contains 20% fat. Chicken Mince is good for making beef Burgers, culets, and for stuffing recipes. It is 100% Halal Cut. Temperature controlled between 4°C to -8°C.

Indulge in the savory delight of our premium Beef Mince in Bangalore, where every bite is a burst of rich flavor and tender texture. Sourced from high-quality cuts of beef, our mince is expertly ground to perfection, ensuring the ideal balance of lean meat and juicy fat for an unforgettable culinary experience. Whether you’re whipping up classic dishes like spaghetti bolognese or experimenting with bold new recipes, our Beef Mince guarantees mouthwatering results every time. Say goodbye to bland meals and hello to gourmet delights with this versatile ingredient that adds depth and complexity to your cooking.

Not only does our Beef Mince in Bangalore elevate your dishes with its exceptional taste and quality, but it also offers a host of nutritional benefits. Packed with essential nutrients like protein, iron, zinc, and B vitamins, this mince provides a wholesome meal option that promotes muscle growth and overall well-being. By choosing our premium beef mince, you’re not just enhancing the flavor of your favorite recipes – you’re also nourishing your body with vital nutrients that support a healthy lifestyle.

Experience convenience without compromising on freshness when you opt for our Beef Mince delivery service in Bangalore.

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